Taking Action

At this early stage of this campaign, the most necessary work is to prevail on members of Congress to sponsor or co-sponsor the Embassy Defund bill, and see that it is assigned to committees with chairpersons who understand the significance of this strategy and will facilitate the investigations and debate on Americzn foreign policy the bill is designed to elicit. While this is something individuals can ask of their Congresspeople, we assume success is more likely when it is carried out by legislatively active and connected people. We are contacting such people, and encourage others to lend their efforts to the strategy.

Until there are bills to refer to and push, the most important step people can take to get momentum behind this strategy is to spread the word:

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
  • Send email to your friends and colleagues
  • Pass out a flyer at events (see sample flier)

Because the amount of information needed to fully communicate the intent and method of the strategy is not insignificant, please refer them for further information to the End The War First website:

Thank your for helping with this effort to hasten an end to the terrible destruction being wreaked by this war on the people and country of Iraq, and on our own Constitution, country and servicepeople.

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